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Born & Raised in Harlem, Nyc Neavin Vaughn a.k.a "Von-P 212" has always been a creative. At an early age, Von was very interested in Drawing cartoons, Science and Music. In Jr Highschool, Von got introduced first hand to music by being introduced to playing in the school Orchestra,

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Von not only developed a love for music, but specifically composing songs. Being Intially influenced by Hip hop, Von wanted to combine the two genres and decided to try his luck at being a music producer. Von, along with his two partners decided to open a music studio and during that time, worked with a Slew of artist with whom he produced for or Mixed down there music. Von, a versitile producer, has no set genre of music style. Having a love for most music, Von doesnt limit himself to one sound. From R&B to Trap Music, Von does it all

Specializing in String bass, Cello, and Viola,

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